City Info & Links

City Info & Links

City Info & Links

A collection of useful links for buyers and sellers.  Find phone numbers for cities in the Houston, Texas area, local organizations, our state government and tourist information.   

City Info & links

Community Info/Local Links

Local Organizations

State Government

State Travel Guide


Local Phone Numbers

911 Emergency   911
Animal Emergency Care   281-111-4412
BASS/TicketMaster   281-111-2277
Bus Schedule   281-111-1717
Chamber of Commerce Houston   281-111-1771
Children’s Hospital   281-111-3255
County Assessor’s Office   281-111-3836
Houston County Clerk   281-111-5900
Houston Medical Center   281-111-4444
Houston Rapid Transit   281-111-2278
Wall Street Journal   800-975-8609
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